What is the R-22 Phase Out?

Many of today's air conditioning systems currently use R-22 refrigerant (freon). This has been the standard for over 50 years. The EPA has mandated the phase-out of all air conditioning units using R-22 freon. This means that there are no more R-22 freon units being manufactured. The current inventory of the R-22 unit is almost depleted. The new units are using the new EPA approved 410A freon. 


What Does This Mean for Our Customers?

This affects "split systems" that are comprised of a condensing unit (outdoor unit) and an air handler (inside or in the attic) as well as "package units” (self-contained outside). If you need a new condensing unit, it will have to be a 410A freon unit. The problem is that existing R-22 freon air handlers will not operate with the new 410A freon condensing units. This results in an increase of cost to our customers. Thank you Federal Government (more specifically, the EPA)! The actual R-22 freon will be available for the existing R-22 systems for a few more years. This means that if you have a freon leak we can still provide the freon for existing R-22 systems. 


Can you tell me about Ultra-Violet (UV) Lights?

The inside of your air handler is a prime breeding ground for mold, mildew and spores because internally it is dark and damp. UV Lights are on 24/7 and make it impossible for these to grow. If you and your neighbor both had a new air handler installed and you had a UV Light installed and your neighbor didn't, in as little as a year the internal parts in theirs would already be coated with these invaders while your's would look as new as the day it was installed.


Why have a Custom Air Filter?

We are asked about them for primarily two reasons:
1) An inability to find a filter that fits (it either is too big for the opening or too small causing it to be sucked out of place).
2) The desire for greater indoor air quality and to protect the air handler coil from getting clogged (and an expensive repair bill to clean it properly!)

Our Custom Air Filters are made to fit your needs perfectly and come with a limited
10 year warranty.


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